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    Forming is a progressive moulding process, through a succession of dies, through which a metal blank is plastically deformed until it reaches the desired shape.
    The main feature of the Hard Metal used for this process is its impact resistance. However, the effects of wear due to deformation by extrusion and thermal fatigue in the case of hot forging should not be overlooked.


    Nibs for dies

    We offer both rough and pre-ground cylindrical and profile nibs. Being a leading product for us, we have set up a dedicated production line able to guarantee fast delivery times, versatility in the management of geometries and high quality standards. In order to optimise the life of the dies in each step of the process, from extrusion to forming, we offer a series of grades designed to maximise performance at each stage. A new range of high performance grades has been recently developed and successfully tested by our R&D department and is now available.

    Recommended Hard Metal Quality: K34B, K18F, K05C, L97C, L85C, L78C, L97H, L85H, L78H

    Segments, punches and die cutters

    As a complement to the production of nibs for dies we offer sections, punches and die cutters in Hard Metal, executed according to the client's design.

    Recommended Hard Metal Quality: K05C, L97C, L85C, L78C