Fastener world: how to create Hard Metal dies that are resistant to both wear and impact

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03 October 2018

When made with a larger grain size, cemented carbide is tough and has great impact resistence, however it is also subject to wear. When made with a fine grain size, it lasts longer but is also more fragile.

Passion and a desire for continuous improvement drove our technical team to find a way to overcome this distinction, by trying to combine the impact resistence during the molding process of “tough” grades with the wear resistance during the extrusion process of “hard” grades. This would guarantee improved performance and duration of solid carbide dies used in the fastener industry to produce screws, bolts and fastening systems.

Thus, the new “H” grades were created: L97H, L85H and L78H.

Our technical personnel have altered the composition of the metallic phase, combining the properties. Thus, they have maneged to create a new type of cemented carbide, which has optimised both resistance to impact and to wear, combining two features that until now had been inversely proportional to each other.

Our exclusive H grades break down old barriers, significantly reducing wear without detriment to toughness and achieving product duration of up to ten times more than previous standard.

This is a revolutionary application-oriented idea, which will help to optimise the performance and duration of tools.

Listening to customers’ needs, then working together to create innovation and change. That is how we will face the future and any new challenges that may arise!

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