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Celsia has been operating in the medium and high voltage electricity sector for over 60 years. Its core business is the production of tungsten copper (WCu) electrical contacts for SF6 gas switches and circuit breakers, disconnectors and tap changers for trasformes. It also specializes in silver-tungsten (WAg)-based components, in addition to the branch of copper-chromium (CuCr) contacts for medium voltage vacuum circuit-breakers.

Celsia is one of the few specialists in Italy in electron beam welding and it can also boast of having a galvanic department capable of producing silver plating (silvering) of proven quality.

Some of Celsia’s departments are equipped with automated work centers, which are programmed to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to shape the ideas of its end users. The company has also equipped itself with cutting-edge tools and uses machinery that maximizes results thus, guaranteeing unique performances.

The sintered tungsten copper (WCu) and tungsten silver (WAg) based products made by Celsia are subjected to numerous quality checks. The utmost attention is paid to the structure of the materials, which are characterized by:

  • The high thermal and electrical conductivity of copper, combined with the arc-resistant properties of tungsten, guarantees greater resistance to high temperatures and mechanical stress.
  • The pressing, infiltration, and sintering methods provide homogeneity and a fine-grained microstructure of the finished product. These features also contribute to ensuring a longer product life even with harsh use.

Thanks to these features, a customer can use the products in a wide range of application sectors:

  • Electrical contacts for medium and high voltage switches and circuit breakers
  • Production of electro-welded wire mesh
  • Diamond tool sharpening
  • Die-sinking EDM of hard metal

All materials and their properties are available in the Downloads section.