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Celsia's staff celebrates 50 years of activity Celsia's staff celebrates 50 years of activity
The operational headquarter of Anzola d'Ossola The operational headquarter of Anzola d'Ossola
The Electron Beam Welding (EBW) The Electron Beam Welding (EBW)
A sintering furnace A sintering furnace
Galvanic line, silver coating tanks Galvanic line, silver coating tanks
One of our collaborative robots One of our collaborative robots

On the one hand, Celsia is a small company with about thirty employees, which allows it to be fast, flexible, and in direct contact with end consumers with whom it has established a trusting relationship. On the other hand, Celsia is part of the OMCD Group, which constitutes a guarantee of solidity and security for its stakeholders (suppliers or customers).

The company supplies most multinational corporations in the electricity sector and ensures the highest quality at the best price. The high-quality standards are ensured by total control over the entire production chain.

Celsia’s plant is located in Northern Italy, and its products are made and managed there; Starting from the raw materials in powdered form to the finishing treatments of the individual pieces for each sector, including welding, silver plating, and copper plating. Dimotek, the Bulgarian subsidiary based in Sofia and Celsia’s counterpart, manufactures the electrical contacts for the Eastern market.

Celsia not only offers quality products but a real full-service collaboration and exchange with its customers. This partnership method is offered to respond to the customer’s needs and provide them with decades of experience and knowledge in defining customized and innovative solutions in addition to standard solutions.

Celsia has been operating in the medium and high voltage electricity sector for over 60 years. Its core business is the production of tungsten copper (WCu) electrical contacts for SF6 gas switches and circuit breakers, disconnectors and tap changers for trasformes.

Celsia is located in North Western Italy in the Verbano Cusio Ossola, in an area highly specialised in mechanical machining.
It is a few km from the Swiss border and is easily reachable from Milan Malpensa Airport.

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