Celsia is a brand specialised in the production of sintered components in copper tungsten and copper chromium and electrical contacts for medium and high voltage applications.

The key factors of our success are high quality and direct customer support, which above all means effective exchanges of communication with the company’s technical staff. Our focus is developing the best solutions to meet specific needs.
About us

The high thermal and electrical conductivity of copper, combined with the arc-resistant properties of tungsten, offer greater resistance to temperatures and mechanical stress.
The pressing, infiltration and sintering processes guarantee a high level of homogeneity and a fine grain microstructur of the final product. This ensure longer product life in comparison, even in the most severe applications.

Celsia is located in North Western Italy in the Verbano Cusio Ossola, in an area highly specialised in mechanical machining.
It is a few km from the Swiss border and is easily reachable from Milan Malpensa Airport.

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