Wire drawing


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    Drawing is a continuous forming process in which a wire, bar or tube is passed through one or more dies in order to achieve a given shape with tight dimensional and geometric tolerances.

    The main characteristic of Hard Metal used in this application is its hardness. A high level of hardness guarantees maximum resistance to abrasion and a good polishing of the tool, necessary to minimize the friction generated by the sliding of the drawing and the consequent wear.

    Wire drawing

    Nibs for wire drawing

    Our range of products includes rough nibs for drawing, manufactured according to ISO standard or based on the client's specifications, for wires with a minimum diameter of 0.3 mm. The maximum diameter varies according to the external dimensions of the nib.

    To ensure greater performance and continuity in the wire gauge during the process, it is essential to use grades with high wear resistance. For this reason, we have developed specific grades with different properties, which allow us to ensure excellent performance depending on the drawn material.

    Recommended Hard Metal Quality: H78F, H75X, J57C, J55F

    Applications: trafilatura di fili e tubi metallici ferrosi e non ferrosi.


    Together with drawing dies, we produce rough pre-forms for the production of internal diameter calibration mandrels. These products require grades with high wear resistance.

    Recommended Hard Metal Quality: J55F, K39F

    Wire guide bushings

    We manufacture wire guide bushings and wire straighteners. In addition to the classic cylindrical bushings, we also supply half bushings or saddles and radial slides. Knowing that they are often used without grinding operations, with the exception of polishing the hole, we guarantee that our blanks meet very tight dimensional and geometric tolerances.

    Recommended Hard Metal Quality: H78F, J55F, K34B, K18F

    Applications: drawing machines, rope-making machines, cable straightening machines.