Blanking and forming


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    Blanking is a forming process for sheet metal produced in large series. Specifically, the metal sheets are profiled thanks to the cut generated by the opposing action of dies and punches. The same operation can also be defined as punching, although there is actually a small difference. Shearing is in fact the operation in which the blanked part is the piece to be produced, while in punching the cut part is the scrap.

    Forming is a process similar to blanking, in which, however, dies and punches plastically deform the sheet metal without removing material.

    For all these processes, Hard Metal is widely used. Its high rigidity allows tight couplings between dies and punches and its high level of hardness makes it possible to produce shapes whose sharpness lasts over time

    Blanking and forming

    Mould blocks

    We supply blocks, both rough and ground, with external shapes that can be customised according to the client's needs to reduce machining and scrap. Always with a view to reducing subsequent machining operations, it is possible to order blocks with brazed dowels and threaded holes for assembly in the mould.

    Our "corrosion free" grades allow the typical corrosive effect of EDM processes to be reduced. This translates into a reduction in costs due to the possibility of using higher cutting parameters and a lower sensitivity of the cut part to immersion and drying times.

    Recommended Hard Metal Quality: J55F, K34B, S28E, S55F

    Applications: packaging, food industry, engineering and electronics.

    Preforms for moulds and punches

    Among our special products we include pre-formed moulds and punches with special shapes and fixing holes already produced in the rough according to client requirements, in order to minimize the subsequent grinding operations necessary to obtain the finished equipment.

    Recommended Hard Metal Quality: K34B, S28E, K05C, L97C, N18C

    Applications: packaging, food industry, engineering and electronics.


    We produce cylindrical or preformed rings for shaping and moulding. We are able to produce up to:
    • Maximum external diameter of 213 mm
    • Thickness from 3.0 to 50 mm (variable according to external and internal diameter measurements)
    Recommended Hard Metal Quality: K38B, K25F, K18F, K05C, L97C, N18C

    Applications: packaging, food industry, engineering and electronics.


    In our warehouses you can find cylinders of various diameters and 330 mm in length, in the grade K34B, ideal for punch production. We can supply cylinders with special dimensions or qualities on request.

    Recommended Hard Metal Quality: J55F, K34B, K18F

    Applications: construction of punches dedicated to the food, engineering, electronics and packaging sectors.