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With a view to continuous improvement and increasing attention to environmental issues and circular economy processes, FILMS in 2023 began the construction of a plant for the production of green hydrogen using electrolyzers (devices to separate hydrogen from oxygen by breaking water molecules), powered entirely by renewable photovoltaic energy.

The green hydrogen generated will be used in the OMCD Group’s industrial processes, specifically feeding the need of this gas for the regeneration of raw materials. The secondary flow of oxygen that will develop in the electrolyzer will be used to speed up the oxidation process, resulting in a reduction in the associated energy consumption. The latent heat of dissociation, on the other hand, will be used to power some of the machinery as well as the heating of working environments.

The project, funded for an amount of 1.5 million euros by the European Union – Next Generation EU, was selected as one of the seven winners of the Call issued by the Piedmont region under the Pnrr (national recovery and resilience plan), aimed at enhancing the development of alternative energy by reconverting brownfields.

FILMS’ new facility is located in Premosello Chiovenda (VB) within a no-longer-used production site acquired by the OMCD Group a few years ago. This area had already undergone several environmental upgrades in recent years, including the disposal of asbestos roofing.

OMCD Group makes extensive use in its production cycles of critical raw materials, which have been derived from an internal process of circular economy for years now. The ability to reduce the carbon footprint of this regeneration process through the use of green hydrogen will make another important contribution to environmental protection.


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