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    In general, tubes are divided into two large families, depending on the production method: extruded tubes and welded tubes. In the former, a peeled billet is extruded and the tube is obtained, which can then be calibrated using dies and mandrels.  In the welding process, a sheet is deformed to the desired shape and then welded along its ends.  It is a continuous process, therefore characterized by a much higher productivity, and allows the production of complex pipe shapes with good dimensional tolerances, without the need for subsequent calibration steps.

    Diamil designs and manufactures tools and inserts in Hard Metal for the production of welded pipe, used for the preparation of the sheet metal (where necessary), for the removal of the excess welding material (internal and external weld separation) and for the bevelling of the pipe ends before packing.

      Diamil offers different solutions according to the specific processing:
      - Standard inserts (type TPEX3307) and special inserts for continuous deburring of high thickness welded sheets.
      - SNHE1508 and SNUC2007 inserts, for the preparation of coils used in spiral tubes.
      - SNMR2512 inserts, for planing sheets used for large diameter tubes, obtained by deep drawing.

      Diamil produces different geometries of inserts designed to optimize the finish and life according to the material processed:
      - Positive positioning inserts, including SDUW2509, ROMX2404, SPUB19 and LDGN50. They are characterized by a very sharp cutting edge, therefore suitable for materials that are difficult to cut (such as stainless steel) or where a very high quality finish is required (e.g. tubes for furniture and fittings). These inserts are also indispensable for the operation of chip winding spools (where still present).
      - Negative positioning inserts,of which the inserts commonly referred to as SNMX are part, in the three dimensional variants 15, 19 and 25. These products, although mounted on a negative tool, can have both negative and positive cutting characteristics depending on the chipbreaker.
      Today Diamil offers the widest range of cutting edges and chipbreakers for this type of insert. Beside the flat, convex and "feet" type (known as SNMX15-21, SNMX15-22 and SNMG15), Diamil offers an SNMG15 model with chipbreaker and an SNMX15-22 model with increased positivity to raise the clearance angle and facilitate the processing of materials with a greater tendency to bond (aluminized tubes).

      Diamil also designs and manufactures the relevant tools and elements for fixing to the machine. From classic shank tools, in the different variants of shank size and insert positioning, to the most modern cartridges, designed to be combined with "chip cutting" systems.

      - Multi-lip ring inserts covering the entire range from SR0AR4.5 to SR8AR46.
      - Single-lip insertsfor thicker tubes, designed with shapes and geometries that vary according to the characteristics of the mandrel used and the thickness of the tube.

    4. Diamil also designs and manufactures the relative tools for these inserts, such as mandrels for rings of various sizes, from the smallest up to RIME5, and special holders for single-lip inserts, to be used on thicker tubes.

      Diamil offers a series of inserts designed to optimize chip management and insert life.Depending on the tube thickness and the type of tool we provide square (SPMT12, SNMM19 and SNMG25), triangular (TNMG22, TNMG33 and TNMM44) and rectangular (LNUX40 and LNMR50) inserts in our catalogue.