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22 June 2021

We are pleased to announce that the VCO area initiative, which views the students of the IIS Cobianchi mechanical course as protagonists, alongside companies in the area and other social communities, is finally “closing the circle”.

Taking a step back to 2019, the project called “COLLABORATIVE ROBOTICS” was born.

The idea is to provide the Higher Institute with a “cobot” (a collaborative, anthropomorphic robot with movement on six axes) designed to meet criteria of:

  • safety
  • flexibility
  • compactness
  • The robot was also designed to work closely with the operator, with no protective barriers surrounding it.

The ALUMOTION Company provided a single latest generation robot, model UR10, to be delivered to the school. The young adults could then learn how to use it through specific courses also provided by the institution.

The tribute of Unione Industriali VCO, which promoted the initiative among its members, is fundamental in the area. Thus, the various local production companies united in order to actualize the financing.

Only the last piece was missing: the connection between the industry and education. Now, the link has materialized and has become a reality.

The students, who would like to receive a purely technical-operational mold, will participate on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021, at 2:00 pm at the IIS Cobianchi headquarters. The event will be structured around brief company testimonials concerning possible 4.0 applications concerning what has been learned from the use of the cobot.

The referent of the project, Professor Mrs. Sartorisio, informed us that near the end (following the introductory course on the use of the robot), the Institute considered it appropriate to organize a meeting aimed at providing students with information on the business operating context in which the proposed cobot activity can be applied.

We are still in the sowing phase, but soon the local companies will be able to start reaping the first fruits … We will also prepare content (images, videos, information, and state of the art trend) aimed at making the young adults understand that they have chosen this direction, (and it is a pleasure to see more than 60 sign-ups) and the opportunities that this theme can offer them in the work world.” This is the statement of Fausto Milanesi, Industrial Director of LAGOSTINA Groupe SEB, new President of the Mechanics section of UIVCO. It is correct to remember that Lagostina, in the first place, had taken charge of creating that network of industrial companies willing to sponsor and concretize the initiative.

Dr. Alberto Tedeschi, A.D. of the OMCD group, was keen to be the testimonial who will bring our experiential knowledge on possible 4.0 applications and explaining firsthand the practical use of robots in our production capabilities.

With the aid of slides and videos, Dr. Tedeschi will present:

  1. Celsia’s robotic machines and a collaborative robot on an electron beam welding machine.
  2. Films’ robotization of a press built in 1994, the forerunner of robotics, and then an extremely innovative turning center.
  3. Harditalia’s robotic press- used for molding finished parts.

His speech will challenge the young adults to be creative and original and not just passive spectators of what will be shown to them.


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