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23 July 2021

Focused on the design and production of tools and finished inserts for steel applications, the direct interlocutor of the customer knows the application and is able to design specific inserts and tools to solve any problem.
The concept of the so-called “short supply chain”, which characterizes the strength of the entire OMCD group, here is perfectly applied.
Strongly believing that it is not (only) the value of the product that represents its competitiveness, but it is the service connected to the product that determines its real value, we are in close contact with the customer, supporting him and foreseeing his needs wherever possible.

The satisfied consumer is therefore an integral part of our sales process: we use a management software that structures, organizes and simplifies all business processes, making customer management more and more efficient.
Diamil, in its thirty years of experience in the sector, has been able to form a team of professionals and trained technicians, ready to support customers in their pre-purchase choices and to intervene on board the machine to define the strategies to afterwards obtain the best performance during processing.
Able to conceive, produce and eventually modify entire solutions of “tube scarfing”: from the most performing insert for a specific type of steel (whether for internal or external machining) to the solution of the most suitable tool for the characteristics of the machine, able to form the chip breakers in an orderly manner and, above all, to satisfy the needs of the operator.

Diamil’s mission is not to be satisfied chasing price requests, but to provide quality combined with service: solving problems with empathy, availability, presence and attention. It has meant making an extra effort, to create deeper connections with customers: including proactive assistance, anticipating needs or acting before a problem occurs.

Diamil is then able to design and manufacture a series of accessories and complements, which it keeps in stock: from inserts for sheet metal preparation, to tube end trimming, to all consumables related to the deburring process (base-plates, pins, screws, wheels for RI-ME etc.), whether they are in carbide or steel.

The opportunity for Diamil‘s customers is to rely on an agile and prepared partner that offers:

  • credibility, i.e. competence combined with reliability;
  • perfect knowledge of the application;
  • design of entire edgebanding systems, on demand;
  • direct execution of the entire production cycle, from the formulation of the most appropriate grade to the coating of the standard line of indexable inserts;
  • items ready in stock, excepted by the customized ones, that are produced on request;
  • know-how to develop specific geometries or grades to solve particular problems.

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