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RESQTOOL is a project on developing sustainable and energy efficient solutions for recycling and responsible supply of Critical and Strategic Raw Materials (CRM), as Cobalt and Tungsten, Tantalum, Titanium and Niobium from hardmetal products at their end of service life.
The global objective of the project, co-founded by the European Union, is to reduce the carbon footprint of Zinc Reclaim process and developing advanced and green chemical recycling based on agro-industrial waste-bioderived chemicals.

The RESQTOOL project will demonstrate the capability of Zinc Reclaim and bio-chemical processes to re-use and recover critical raw materials in all stages of the HMs value chain ranging from collection, logistics, sorting and separation to cleaning, refining and purification of materials. Demonstrating an approach towards zero waste manufacturing by means of energy and resource efficiency, and by a validation using real parts from the HM industry, and hence contribute to the European Green Deal. This global objective is inherently industry-oriented and in line with the HORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01-05 call.


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FILMS’ role:

  • Leader of Work Package on Conceptual Development and Industrial Specifications.
  • Leader of the Task on the development of sampling protocols and methodologies to quantify CRM resources in specific products.
  • Design and realization of a Pilot Plant for the Bio-Chemical Recycling Process, based on agro-industrial waste-bioderived chemicals.
  • Leader of the Task on development of sustainable tools production processes by shaping, sintering, and finishing.
  • Responsible for production and testing of one of the four demonstrating hardmetal products: a sand blasting nozzle.