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of Hard Metal scraps, coming from industrial processing and products at the end of their life cycle.


in our environmentally friendly plant.


in a new production cycle of powders coming from the regeneration process.

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Why provide us with your carbide waste?
  • Because you do good for the environment

    The regenerated raw material can be used within a new production cycle, thus contributing to a reduction in the exploitation of natural resources and a decrease in the negative environmental effects of mining.

    Our plant uses a mechanical carbothermal regeneration process without the addition of chemicals (zinc free) and harmful toxic substances, resulting in a lower environmental impact than any standard production process.
    We are working to ensure that the electricity used for this process increasingly comes from renewable sources, with a target of 100 % in the next five years.

  • Because the resulting product is of high quality

    Our Hard Metal scrap regeneration plant was established on a pilot basis in 2003 within HI.Lab, the physical-metallurgical laboratory of OMCD Group. The results were so astonishing in terms of quality that we have started a large-scale production.
    Our regenerated powders consist of only tungsten and cobalt, the best raw material to be used in the production cycle of Hard Metal to ensure the absolute quality of sintered products.

  • Because you are guaranteed continuity of supply

    Tungsten and cobalt are on the EU’s list of ‘Critical Raw Materials (CRM)’.
    Thanks to the recycling of Hard Metal scrap, OMCD Group limits the use of virgin raw materials, freeing itself from geopolitical events, the production strategies and monopolistic intentions expressed by multinational companies in the sector. With this supply autonomy, it can thus guarantee its customers security and continuity of supply of finished products, with important environmental implications as well.

  • Because you gain economically

    After using our products you would have to deal with their disposal, facing costs and managing complex paperwork.
    We relieve you of this duty by providing our expertise in this field, taking care of the pickup of special waste containing Hard Metal for free and even providing you with concrete financial returns.

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