Hard metal blades and rollers for the production of protective face masks

26 May 2020

The “Cura Italia” decree issued on March 17th and definitively converted into law on April 24th, contains a specific rule that allocates 50 million euros to support companies that intend to expand or convert their production lines to create medical and personal protection devices.
As of today, 102 companies are eligible for the incentives and the Lombardy region has the highest number of financed activities. It is estimated that this number will tend to double in a few weeks, due to the numerous requests received by the Ivitalia managed fund. (Source: Sole 24 ore).

So, whether for solidarity or for economic purposes, it is not uncommon to come across an Italian company that, alongside their standard production, now deals with the production of protective equipment such as fans, masks, glasses, gowns and safety suits, disinfectants, diagnostic kits and any goods useful in facing the Coronavirus emergency that today are of scarce availability due to their high demand.

Although indirectly, FILMS is also committed to making its contribution.

The Hard Metal blades and rollers, normally used for the production of machinery for cutting and forming sanitary and packaging articles, are now also being requested in order to make the protective masks necessary to contain the spread of the virus.
Following an agreement with the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, a client company, leader in the world of automation and robotics for the consumer goods industry, has committed itself to fabricating 25 dedicated production lines for this purpose. The technology used will allow an increase in production speed such as to permit the achievement of much larger volumes of goods than those currently available on the market. In order to guarantee less wear, greater hardness and longer durability of the tools used in the machinery, FILMS’ high quality products were relied on once again.

The first batch of blades and rollers for this new purpose left our factory in Anzola d’Ossola. Producing for such noble motives increases our desire to do… and to do it well.

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