The importance of protecting strategic production assets in the days of Covid-19

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08 June 2020

One of the more prominent local newspapers dedicated an article to OMCD Group illustrating how the Covid-19 emergency was handled within the 6 companies specialized in the production of sintered parts.

Great attention was given to guarantee operational continuity. Especially so, since the Group was given the responsibility of ensuring supply of necessities to the strategic client companies identified by the Italian government. By taking all the necessary safety measures to ensure the protection of their employees, OMCD Group’s companies we able to (for example) contribute to the supply of: electrical contacts thus ensuring electricity, of Hard Metal blades and rollers for the construction of protective masks and even of molds and punches in Tungsten Carbide for the production of aerosol spry cans and containers for the medical sector.

Proud to have given our contribution and grateful for the attention that the press has given us, we present the full article below.

Click HERE to download.


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