Good news in the production of tungsten carbide rolls

30 May 2017

FILMS produces tungsten carbide rolls for hot and cold rolling, for both steel and non-ferrous metals using a well established technology and paying attention to the variation of the powder mix used, depending on the final application.
Over the years, the company has developed a production technique that allows a wide range of measurements ranging from a few millimeters to the maximum diameter of 325 mm.
Customers are informed, and they are increasing their requirements, so the company redefined the production process in order to obtain products with constant quality, directly from the pressing stage.
Today, all rolls are finished with very few super-metals and, thanks to the accurate restoration of all molds, without the need of further machining to create chamfers or to reduce any surface roughness.
The study focused on managing the most critical parameters such as:

  • the development of a new geometry of molds;
  • the almost total elimination of the over-metals;
  • a more accurate distribution of powder;
  • the redesign of the pressing phase.

All this allows the elimination of roughness on the surface and the realization of a product whose weight remains so constant to ensure a good balance of the raw roll.
Only the strong spirit of collaboration between the R & D Laboratory and the FILMS Technical Office, coupled with the ability to perceive and sharpen the needs of the end customer, have made this possible.

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