New Diamil grade reaches greater performances in O.D. galvanized tube scarfing

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05 February 2018

Diamil is a Harditalia trade mark dedicated to inserts. Its production is aimed primarily at the iron and steel industry and has several applications, including the manufacturing of various tube scarfing inserts. Two main technologies are employed during the steel tube manufacturing process: extrusion and welding.

The tube welding process generates excess material which must be removed to ensure that the finished product is perfectly formed. Diamil is responsible for this tube scarfing production phase: in fact, during this phase the inserts that are produced are utilized.

Recently Diamil’s research and development department implemented a highly innovative solution for producers of Al-plated and galvanized steel tubes. With these types of metals there is a problem during the tube scarfing procedure due to the extreme stickiness of aluminum and zinc: excess material adheres to the insert’s cutting edges. This jeopardizes the insert’s lifespan by significantly reducing it. Excess material adheres and sticks irreversibly, covering the other three cutting edges and leaving them unusable. Diamil changed the composition of the insert coating so that the chemical compatibility between this innovative material and the zinc or aluminum is significantly reduced. Thanks to this new coating, the insert’s lifespan increases from 20 to 50%, depending on the application and machinery used.

Another innovative feature of this product regards edge preparation. After the pressing phase, the insert is treated in the cutting edges area in order to ensure optimum sharpness. Over the past few months, Diamil has revolutionized the method used for this kind of machining, and has reached objectives which had been impossible to reach just a few months before.

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