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26 March 2021

Harditalia has ventured into a new expertise: the production of toothed blades for graphite threadingand their tool-holders.This process is necessary for the preparation of graphite electrodes, used in electric furnaces to produce steel. One of the ways to obtain steel is by an electric arc being fired by two or more consumable cylindrical electrodes in graphite, thus bringing the material contained inside the crucible to the melting temperature. This heat melts the recovered steel and produce liquid steel.

Graphite is the only material that can withstand high temperatures and efficiently transmit the electrical power needed to create the aforementioned arc.

The graphite electrode industry is therefore closely linked to that of the steel industry, since the electrodes are used where electric furnaces arc temperatures reach 5000c°. Electrodes are essential for the melting process. However, the wear caused by the electric arc results in the need for frequent replacement of the component.

Therefore, our metallurgical laboratory [HI.Lab, by OMCD Group] has completed a study on the most suitable grade of hard metal capable of resisting the heavy stress deriving from the abrasion inherent to graphite.

Harditalia specifically produces the threading: the toothed blade used to thread the inside of the electrode.

To produce high performance blades, Harditalia focused on three foundamentals:

  • formulating the most suitable grade of carbide to resist abrasion;
  • obtaining absolute precision in the toothing, to allow the thread to be constant and repeatable, and thus ensuring continuity of processing;
  • manufacturing also the steel blade holder, to accompany the requested blade.

Blades can be manufactured with different tooth patterns (since both pitches and threads can vary), and with different fixing holes based the machinery they are intended for.

Harditalia has produced blades with variable length from 100 mm to 300 mm, and is able to manufacture them according to the customer’s specifications, upon request.

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