The 32nd ITIA Annual General Meeting hosted by OMCD

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18 July 2019

This year OMCD, with the company FILMS, will act as host on the occasion of the ITIA’s 32nd Annual General Meeting, which will take place in Stresa from 15 to 18 October 2019.

The International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA) was formally inaugurated in 1988 and is registered under Belgian Law as a not-for-profit trade association with scientific purposes.
ITIA’s members include mining companies, processors, consumers, traders and recyclers as well as the world’s leading manufacturers, importers, and users of Tungsten and its compounds.

The main activities of ITIA are:

  • to promote the use of Tungsten and Tungsten products;
  • to co-ordinate an extensive work programme of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Committee, including regulatory and classification issues; monitoring proposed legislation; developing scientific data on the impact of Tungsten on human health and the environment;
  • to organise an Annual General Meeting (AGM) as a forum at which the world’s Tungsten industry gathers and at which a variety of industry and general papers is presented;
  • to collate from different sources, comprehensive statistics covering Tungsten production, processing, consumption and end-uses and to circulate an annual report to its members;
  • to collate and circulate on a regular basis information relating to the ITIA’s activities and to arrange for publication of a periodic Newsletter;
  • to liaise and exchange information with other metal trade associations.

Tungsten Carbide is the main raw material used by companies of the OMCD Group, sintered together with copper for the production of electrical contacts or together with other metal binders (for example, cobalt) for the production of Hard Metal utensils.

Combining a high level of hardness and a high degree of resistance to wear, Tungsten-based products contribute to achieving better performance and higher levels of productivity in all their industrial applications.


Sintered Tungsten Carbide, also called Hard Metal, represents one of the main uses of Tungsten today. The use of utensils made of this material is widespread in a broad range of sectors: oil & gas, food and canning, cold deformation, woodworking, tools, the ceramics industry, stone processing, construction, excavation, drilling, and many more.

In ITIA’s Annual General Meeting members of the world Tungsten industry have the opportunity to meet, exchange information, contacts, knowledge and participate in 3 days of debates on Tungsten. This annual event is also an opportunity for the members of the Association to deliberate on the election of the members of the Executive Committee and the President and Vice-President; the formal election of new members; to make any changes to the Charter; and to approve the annual budget and subscription levels.

During the Meeting, the HSE Committee convenes to address the technical issues concerning health, the environment and safety connected to the world of Tungsten. This Committee of ITIA members collaborates with regulatory agencies and carries out the very important task of contributing to the development of reasonable measures to protect health and the environment in the Tungsten industry.



The company that hosts and sponsors the event differs every year and collaborates with ITIA in its organisation and success.

This year the honour will be given to the OMCD Group and its company FILMS!

For the occasion, Mr Tedeschi, CEO of our Company, will present its history, its development and the OMCD products. Our Head of the Metallurgical laboratory, Dr De Gaudenzi, will continue with a presentation entitled “The practical impact of corrosion resistance in Hard Metal applications”. Meeting participants will also have the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the FILMS and Scleros plants, in Anzola d’Ossola, during which they will be shown the production site, the machinery used for processing, and any other aspect relating to the use of Tungsten in the production process.

Proud of our prestigious role in this world-renowned event, we are confident that, as every year, it will attract the attention and participation of many industry experts, who will contribute to enriching our experience and our cultural background.

Click HERE to download the event program.

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