Organic acids for a more sustainable recycling: where do we stand?

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07 June 2023

HI.Lab, OMCD Group’s physical-metallurgical laboratory, adds a new publication to its already rich portfolio.
Entitled “Trends and perspectives in the use of organic acids for critical metal recycling from hard-metal scraps“, the article was published in the International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (IJRMHM) of the renowned Elsevier publishing house, which is active in scientific publications.

Recently, the hard metals industry has become particularly sensitive to the need to recover and regenerate production waste, due to both the reduced availability of its main raw materials (W and Co) and volatile prices. Chemical modification and direct recycling, which are the most popular approaches, however, involve the use of energy- and/or chemical-intensive treatments and require expensive equipment and highly skilled workers. Research efforts are therefore being directed towards the development of alternative recovery processes, with the aim of preserving natural resources and avoiding the disposal of potentially toxic/polluting materials.
The study at the basis of this new publication focuses precisely on the analysis of different industrial approaches aimed at the recovery and recycling of hard metal waste, with particular reference to the role of bioderived organic acids in hydro- and solvo-metallurgical processes.

Among the researchers and authors of the article, in addition to HI.Lab‘s Ing. De Gaudenzi, there are leading figures from the academic world, including Prof. Angela Serpe, Prof. Giorgia De Gioannis and Martina Cera from the University of Cagliari, a guest of HI.Lab for the realisation of her doctoral thesis.

The full text can be found online at the following link: Trends and perspectives in the use of organic acids for critical metal recycling from hard-metal scraps – ScienceDirect

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