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15 March 2019

On Tuesday 12th March 2019, we appeared on “Buongiorno Regione”, a live RAI 3 programme.

Those interviewed were:

  • Alberto Tedeschi, Managing Director of the OMCD group and son of the founder of the Ossola based companies.He explained how the individual companies within the group are structured and the specific features of each element in the great “OMCD puzzle”. He illustrated how a finished component is created from a ‘simple’ drawing and some powder, our main raw material. He also highlighted the extraordinary versatility that allows us to produce a single prototype or mass produce a series of identical components.
    We boast quality and excellence, a factor recognised on an international level and confirmed by our export sales figures and commercial exchanges with the rest of the world.
    The group’s turnover has grown from 36 million euros in 2008 to 48 million euros in 2018. The company is bucking the trend in relation to the current Italian socio-economic context, for example in relation to human resources management. It is employing staff rather than laying them off, it always pays staff on time and has never had to deal with trade union disputes.
    Mr Tedeschi also stressed that the OMCD group, established soon after the war in Anzola d’Ossola, has a strong commitment to localisation. It boasts various sites in Piedmont, two in Lombardy and two subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Brazil. More than 150 of the 300 or so people employed by the group live in the area surrounding Anzola d’Ossola. Work is currently in progress on a new production site in Premosello Chiovenda, just a few kilometres away from the current main sites, in line with the group’s commitment to continued investment in the area of origin.
    Asked to illustrate the applications for our tungsten alloys, Mr Tedeschi replied to the journalist Vanni Caratto: “Everything we wear has come into contact with a hard metal or copper tungsten component at some point, without copper tungsten we wouldn’t have electricity in our homes and our methane gas usually passes through a valve made from hard metal”.
    Hard metal, or cemented carbide, is therefore used in every industrial application you can think of.

    The RAI journalist Vanni Caratto makes an interview to our CEO, Mr Alberto Tedeschi
  • Luca Provenghi, Plant Director of FILMS SpA, spoke of the care and protection of the environment and people who work for the OMCD group.
    Operators who handle the metal powders used to make Hard Metal, such as tungsten, tantalum and cobalt, are guaranteed working conditions of the utmost safety. We put people first (we don’t think of staff as employees, we think of them as people), which means we care for their physical and mental wellbeing, taking into account the environment in which they spend a large part of their lives.
    Luca Provenghi also drew attention to the group’s care for the external environment, through the reuse and recycling of scrap hard metal.
    The method used, conceived by the OMCD group, has zero environmental impact as it uses heat treatment rather than a chemical process. On the one hand, it enables us to limit the use of virgin raw materials and on the other hand, it enables us to recycle products after use and use them again in new production activities.

The filming took place in the grinding department of FILMS SpA and, in the background, you can see a small display of some of our products:

  •  round and flat rods (mainly used to produce Hard Metal molds using EDM die sinking), a cup wheel (used to sharpen diamond plates using EDM) and sintered components in copper and tungsten made by Celsia;
  •  a CVD-coated die designed for the iron and steel market and a shaped die designed for processing non-ferrous materials, both produced by Scleros SpA;
  •  feet for tile processing, produced by FILMS SpA in both semi-finished (pre-sintered) and finished and ground versions;
  •  inserts for peeling CVD-coated Hard Metal bars and a stem tool with relative insert for tube scarfing, produced by Harditalia and sold and known worldwide as the Diamil brand.

If you missed the live program, you can see the entire service on the link below:

Buongiorno Regione – Piemonte che produce

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