Green hydrogen: FILMS SpA will build one of three plants in the Piemonte Region

06 April 2023

The Piemonte Region has completed the selection procedure of the application for the announcement launched by the Ministry of the Environment on mission 2 of the PNRR. The aim is to enhance the development of alternative energies by reconverting disused industrial areas.

Seven projects were deemed suitable, of which only three will be immediately financed. One of these is the one proposed by FILMS SpA, which consists of the construction of a plant for the production of green hydrogen for industrial use.
With a total investment of € 3.5 million, FILMS will receive € 1.5 million from the funds made available under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The three winning projects consist in the installation of electrolysers (devices to separate hydrogen from oxygen by breaking water molecules) for a total of 6 megawatts and will use newly built photovoltaic systems, with a total power of about 9 megawatts, to produce green hydrogen that will be used in industrial processes.

FILMS’challenge is more relevant than ever in the international context.
The supply of critical raw materials, which it is widely used in its production cycles, has been carried out for years through the circular economy. The possibility of reducing the carbon foot print of the regeneration process through the use of green hydrogen will make a further important contribution to environmental protection.

“When no one was talking about green energy, we believed in this field,” said our CEO, Mr. Alberto Tedeschi, in an interview on Vco Azzurra TV. OMCD Group, in fact, already has a plant for the recovery of Hard Metal waste with low interaction with the external environment, based on thermal cycles and which does not require the use of chemical additives. “The new investment is only the continuation of this policy and will allow us to close the circle of a process started a long time ago for the development and protection of the environment,” continued Mr. Tedeschi.

The new plant will be realized within an abandoned industrial area in Premosello Chiovenda (VB-Italy), an area acquired years ago by OMCD Group and which has already been subject in recent years to various environmental requalification interventions, including the disposal of asbestos roofs.


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