OMCD Group joins PMI DAY 2022

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22 November 2022

OMCD Group has once again joined the National Day of Small and Medium Industries – PMI DAY 2022, organised by Piccola Industria Confindustria in collaboration with Unione Industriale VCO.

The initiative, launched in 2010, allows hundreds of interested young students from the area to get in touch with the world and values of Small and Medium Companies every year.

The students of IIS Marconi Galletti Einaudi of Domodossola and the ISS Cobianchi of Verbania were granted access to the establishments of FILMS and SCLEROS. They were shown how production is carried out and they were told the companies stories, achievements and future plans.

OMCD Group has always been a company that looks to the future with great innovative drive while maintaining great respect for the history and tradition of the Tedeschi family, the founder which is still at the helm. It has always been very active and present in the initiatives and activities organised in and for the territory in which it was born and continuing to believe in a province that has great potential.

It was a great pleasure to host these young people and see their interest and desire to learn.

The appointment is already set for next year, with PMI DAY 2023.

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