Open Day for the 50th Anniversary of Harditalia

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19 Oktober 2022

Family and company together for 50 years!
How a party can be an opportunity to get to know tungsten carbide

On Saturday 1st October Harditalia celebrated 50 years, half a century, a number that would not have been possible without our highly trained staff and years of shared knowledge.

For this reason we decided to celebrate with an Open Day for the families of our employees. In addition to sharing cake and biscuits, we created an opportunity to learn more about our production processes and bring families closer to the world of carbide.

Divided into small groups and guided by company staff, visitors saw firt-hand Hard Metal, saw the differences between raw and machined metal and understoodhow, after all, carbide is part of our everyday life.

The massive participation was Harditalia’s greatest gift.
We hope that the next 50 years will bring us the same satisfaction and challenges that have accompanied us so far.

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