16 Mai 2024

Accelerate the design and Insertion of non-crm hard Material for Next generation EXTreme applications

Horizon-MSCA-2022 DN-01

MSCA Doctoral Networks 2022

The main constituent of tools and wear resistance components for the European manufacturing, mining and construction industries are classified as Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). The development of innovative, sustainable, non-CRMs based Hard Materials is fostering the need to educate and train the next generation of material scientists.

The ambition of AIM-NEXT (funded by the European Union) is to engage the scientific leaders of European academy and industries to reshape our knowledge and the way of designing the next generation of non-CRM hard materials for extreme applications through a broad program of experimental, theoretical and modelling research.

When successful, the project will contribute to a reduced dependency of European market to W and Co critical raw materials which are essential for high performance materials operating under extreme conditions. The project will also provide a framework for accelerated development of future ceramic materials.
To address this need, a selection of seven of the best European Universities in the field together with six leading Industrial organizations (among which is FILMS SpA) covering fundamental elements of the product value chain in key industrial sectors (i.e. mining, manufacturing and construction engineering).

Within the AIM-NEXT network ten PhD students will receive:

  • top level interdisciplinary training through a defined scheme where each fellow is exposed to all three technical environments;
  • intersectorial training articulated through a wide variety of strategic research themes and the different application areas represented in the consortium;
  • international training through a portfolio of mandatory network-wide training events and secondments at academic and industrial partners.

The DC8 individual project “Damage tolerant design of cemented carbide tools and components exposed to erosion- and abrasion- wear service condition”, that will be supervised by Prof. Llanes at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), includes a 6-months secondment hosted by FILMS SpA.
The objective of the sub-project DC8 is to develop methods and protocols for assessment of edge toughness based on in-depth knowledge of microstructural integrity changes due to erosion and/or abrasion service conditions and their impact on damage tolerance of cemented carbides.

Interested students can apply on the project website:
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This project has received funding from the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action grant agreement No.101119897

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