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03 June 2019

OMCD Group pays much attention to environmental issues and is committed to a sustainable development, by reaching the perfect balance between the 3 pillars of sustainability: environment, society and economy.


In order to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and make them more sustainable, OMCD implements a series of green economy good practices in its everyday activity:

Compliance with the current legislation

OMCD is constantly committed to complying with all the laws in force.
In order to achieve a full transparency, OMCD has a relationship of maximum involvement, collaboration and trust with the bodies responsible for issuing authorizations and with those in charge of supervision and surveillance.

Attention to the environmental policies of its suppliers

In the assessment and management of environmental issues, OMCD pays great attention not only to its own production plants, but also to the actors that take part – upstream and downstream – in the whole life cycle of the product (suppliers, contractors, customers, etc.).
Each company in the Group evaluates their eco-sustainable policy, raises their awareness on environmental issues and on the importance to comply with the laws in force, also with an in-depth analysis of the safety data sheets of the items the company is willing to purchase and with specific audits aimed at assessing directly the compliance with the given guidelines.

Purchase and use of energy

One of the environmental requirements for the supply of electricity is that the supplier uses a good percentage of renewable energy (our present supplier declares to use approximately 40%)


The consumption of energy, water, methane and technical gases is regularly controlled through monitoring systems located in all plants, thanks to which the Environmental Manager can evaluate the need to intervene with actions aimed at correction and improvement.

In this respect, the Management carries out activities for a conscious and responsible use of resources: the old fluorescence illumination was replaced with a new LED system, a new 50 Kw photovoltaic plant has been installed and a heat pump for the cooling of water coming from presses has been activated, which contributes to the reduction of water consumption by 10.000 m³.

Raising awareness among the workers

By carrying out its environmental protection activities, each company in the Group acts as a positive example for all workers, spreading an eco-friendly mentality. Companies constantly inform workers not only on obligations connected to the compliance with relevant laws, but also on the actions to be taken to avoid, or at least limit, the impact on the environment.

Research on new technologies, materials and processes

The Group’s physics and metallurgy laboratory HI.Lab, in cooperation with Italian and foreign universities and research centres, is constantly engaged in analysis and development activities to find solutions that can ensure an independent supply of raw materials. Avoiding the use of virgin materials allows us not only to be free from the multinationals’ production policies and monopolistic purposes, but also to reduce the impact of mining on the environment and persons.

Use of eco-friendly packaging

All the Group companies use as little plastic materials as possible for the packaging of products, choosing more eco-friendly alternatives, that are reusable and recyclable, complying with European regulations.


Waste disposal

OMCD pays great attention to waste sorting. Industrial waste is managed in compliance with the laws in force and the suppliers of environmental services are chosen according to recoverability – and not disposal – criteria.

Noise and physical pollution

All of our Gruop companies have assessed their noise impact on the community, according to municipal noise zoning plans.
Authorized bodies are constantly monitoring and estimating other aspects concerning the possible environmental pollution, such as water discharges, emissions in the atmosphere, potential soil contamination (attributable only to the handling and transport of waste to an external area and to maintenance operations), potential smells generated, visual impact and healthiness of the workplace.

End-of-life treatment of the product
(disposal / recovery)

OMCD adopts a virtuous model of circular economy, through the regeneration of scraps coming from industrial processing and of products that have reached the end of their life cycle. Thus, raw materials that have been recovered can be reused within a new production cycle, starting a new life cycle and activating a virtuous process in terms of protection of the environment.

Unlike more common plants, using chemicals and very dangerous toxic substances, OMCD uses an innovative technology based on regeneration thermal processes, with a lower environmental impact as compared to any other plant currently in use.

As a guarantee of its eco-friendly policy, since 2012 FILMS is UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified for its environmental management system.omcd-green-economy-7-ISO-9001-ISO-14001


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