Scleros: Coated drawing dies for steel industry – Increased life-span and speed

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11 December 2018

Scleros dedicated many resources to finding a method of significantly increasing speed during the drawing process and obtained it through the application of CVD-TiN (Chemical Vapor Deposition – Titanium Nitrate) coating on their drawing dies.

CVD-TiN coating is formed through chemical reactions inside furnaces whose temperatures exceed 1000 ° C., consequently forming an extremely thin “film” of titanium nitrite which deposits on the hardmetal surface.

The TiN coating obtained by the CVD process is characterized by its excellent adhesion to carbide which reduces friction between the die and the bar during drawing. For this reason, when the TiN coating is applied to dies, it guarantees an increase in drawing speed and wear resistance. It’s estimated that the durability of drawing dies with this type of coating is at least three times higher than that of standard ones.

The CVD-TiN coated dies are addressed to the iron and steel market and are fundamental for processing stainless steel bars and lead steels; without which would be difficult to draw.

The CVD-TiN coating is also applicable to other carbide products in addition to drawing dies, such as drawing mandrels, punches for metal working and deep drawing dies.

The performance of TiN coated products is considerably higher than that of uncoated products but it is necessary to take into consideration the slightly elevated production times and costs. However from a cost-benefit point of view, the wait to obtain a CVD-TiN coated die is amply repaid by its higher performance, quality and duration.

What distinguishes us is our high performance products that simplify and improve our clients productivity!

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