Inner cage trim for choke valves

02 Juli 2020

Turning a crisis into an opportunity: we present FILMS’ flagship product of this strange year.


The staff that contributed to the realization of this magnificent Hard Metal product, from powder to its final form, are shown in the picture. These individuals are just a few of the many pieces of the puzzle that compose the OMCD team.

Many steps were taken to bring to life this product and so, many (if not all) of the departments in FILMS were involved in the design, production and shipment.

Given the high complexity of the product that needed to be realized, the key to success was accurately planning each phase of the production cycle. Particular attention was given to the design of the necessary equipment capable of handling such large components, as well as analysis and definition of the optimum thermal cycles.

Nothing was left to chance: each person involved in the project brought their own set of competences to the table. From this standpoint, superior knowledge regarding the application of the product was of essence. It is thanks to this knowledge, that our laboratory was able to define and guarantee the most suitable anti-wear and anti-abrasion Hard Metal Grade for this specific application in the Oil&Gas sector.

The photographed product weighs 80kg and the area through which fluids pass measures 8”.

The “cage” is one of the flow adjustment components of choke valves which create a decrease in pressure between input and output (the decrease is measured by a parameter known as Δp – pressure drop). Essentially, the “cage” narrows the flow of liquids that pass through the component.

Four pieces have been manufactured by FILMS, each with their own unique specifications realized in integral Hard Metal. These pieces are currently traveling to the Far East. In this regard, a special cooperation between the commercial and administrative offices was deemed necessary in order to obtain the status of authorised exporter . This cooperation was even more complex considering the difficulties faced during lockdown.

It would be demeaning to simply define it as a “piece”. This is a top of the line product that is the result of co-engineering, targeted collaboration with the customer and is derived from high-tech and competence.

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