To be the natural choice in special sintered field, where the only limit is the creativity of technical designers

"To convert a town of lumberjack and manual workers to a town of excellent technicians."

( Silvio Tedeschi, 1948)
Mission del gruppo OMCD
Mission del gruppo OMCD

Distinctive elements

  • Close relationship with customer
  • Quality of laboratory
  • Customer tailored solutions
  • Prompt and precise reply to customer requests
  • Direct contact with the right person
  • Production flexibility


  • Sense of group identity
  • Determination
  • Honesty
  • Mutual respect
  • Passion
Mission del gruppo OMCD
Mission del gruppo OMCD


We guarantee serenity to our customers, satisfying every request of tools and anti-wear components.

Thanks to the strength of an international group, we work in partnership with every client, we give customized replies by continuous research of innovative solutions and products in powder metallurgy field.