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03 October 2018

Oggiona con Santo Stefano (Varese province) – We have believed in an idea to move the Fastener world one step ahead.

A new family of carbide grades has been designed to overcome the typical problems of breakage and wearing of dies in screws and bolts manufacturing.

Our laboratory has created a family of grades that is able to optimize wear during extrusion, and toughness during pressing/molding.

All of our passion and desire for improvement are reflected in the new H grades: L97H, L85H and L78H.

Through modifications in the composition of the metallic phase, we have managed to create a revolutionary grade of hard metal which surprisingly balances the resistance both to impact and to wear, combining two inversely proportional characteristics.

Carbide is a material whose coarse grain size guarantees a high level of toughness that is crucial to preventing breakage due to impact; at the same, it has a fast wear due to a reduction in hardness. However carbide works much better against wear when made with a fine grain size, though the impact resistance decreases. The H grades break down this barrier, considerably reducing wear without compromising on toughness, and achieving a longevity that is 10 times more than standard grades.

It is the best compromise for optimizing the life and performance of tools.

Listen to innovate, learn to change: this is how we look towards the future.